Mobile Tech Support

Increase customer satisfaction with premium tech support

Omnichannel Tech Support for Every Phone User

Today’s connected technology landscape is more complex than ever, and ease-of-use has become a primary customer concern. Offering your customers expert, advanced diagnostic support from technicians to alleviate concerns around complexity is a critical component of increasing technology usage and driving the adoption of new products. As part of Assurant’s robust mobile device lifecycle management program, our premium tech support service helps support not only your customers’ mobile phones but all the devices they connect to. This holistic approach helps customers get the most out of their device and your network. As a result, you get an improved experience with more loyal customers, stronger retention rates, and higher customer satisfaction scores.
Mobile Device Protection

Improved device performance & interoperability

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Higher customer satisfaction


resolution rate, 4.8 average star ratings

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Premium omnichannel tech support

Personal TechPro: Simplified Support for a Connected World

With Assurant’s Personal Tech Pro team, your customers receive comprehensive, personalized tech support for all the devices in their digital ecosystem. This holistic support program serves customers across a variety of channels, including live voice support, live chat, text, and self-service. With Personal TechPro by Assurant, you can help your customers overcome their technology challenges, improve satisfaction and drive demand.

Features of Personal TechPro

A high-quality, omnichannel premium tech support team that delivers exceptional experiences for your customers.

  • Expert support for all connected devices
  • Live, U.S.-based expert support provided by Assurant employees
  • Omnichannel support includes an online portal, chat and phone or email
  • Remote screen share and camera share.
  • Mobile app self-service support and diagnostics
  • Product setup
  • Configuration and interoperability
  • Connected technology education and awareness

Pocket Geek Mobile: Self-Service Tech Support in a Mobile App

Pocket Geek Mobile is an innovative mobile app that features advanced device diagnostics to help your customers self-diagnose and correct tech issues across their ecosystem of connected devices. It gives your customers access to must-have features like protection program onboarding, secure data backup, antivirus protection, and device lifecycle services. Your customers can manage self-service support via advanced device diagnostics and guided paths to resolution directly from the app, enjoying a simpler, safer, and smarter connected experience.

Features of Pocket Geek Mobile

Enhanced, self-service tech support put in the palms of your customers’ hands.

  • Tech support with advanced device diagnostics, how-to guides and tips 
    • Secure cloud backup, VPN services, antivirus protection, and secure browsing for phone users  
    • Includes BYOD Device Certification and Mobile Trade-In and Upgrade Certification
    • Easy management of coverage documents, claim filing and track, store locator and more

    Get More Info on Mobile Tech Support

    To start providing strong customer experiences supported by advanced diagnostic tech support, talk to an Assurant mobile expert about our Personal Tech Pro team and the Pocket Geek Mobile app today.


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