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Omnichannel, Expert-Level Tech Support for Connected Consumers

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58% of connected consumers say they've experienced major tech frustrations in the last 12 months.

Nearly 40% of consumers don't know how to connect new technology to their network of connected devices, and another 22% report experiencing an issue during the device setup process that made them consider returning a product. 

At Assurant, we're using digital and human expertise to help consumers get the most value out of their entire connected device ecosystem. And we're delivering premium, unmatched tech support that's proven to increase NPS and convert first-time buyers into repeat customers.

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Personal TechPro: Simplified Support for a Connected World

With Personal TechPro, your customers get unlimited access to expert, personalized tech support for all the technology in their smart home. Our team meets each customer where they want support, whether that's on the phone, via life chat, virtual appointments, or through self-service options.

What are the Features of Personal TechPro?

Premium tech support proven to increase NPS

  • Expert tech help with a 99% resolution rate across all electronics and appliances
  • Live, U.S.-based help managed by highly-trained Assurant employees
  • Omnichannel support, including online portals, virtual appointments, chat, phone, email and DIY help center
  • Remote screen share and camera share to provide easy resolutions for your consumers
  • Mobile phone diagnostics
  • Device-specific self-help libraries
  • Product setup, configuration and interoperability
  • Connected technology education and awareness

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