Risk Mitigation that Delights Customers

Old-fashioned claims processes treat every claim the same, detecting fraud by putting them through identical experiences and stress tests. But today, with customers using smart technology and devices that connect across the connected ecosystem, it’s clear more differentiation of claims is needed.

Assurant’s proprietary process provides the approach customers are looking for. Our double-edged program incorporates industry-leading dynamic claims management with best-in-class risk mitigation to deliver an optimal experience for your customers and your business. Our patented fulfillment engine gives your customers more options and delivers lower costs for you.

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World Class Risk & Fraud Mitigation

Not all claims are the same, so we don’t treat them that way. Using sophisticated algorithms and powerful AI tools, we separate low and high-risk claims up front, so claims are processed with maximum speed and efficiency. As a result, most claims are adjudicated in seconds. For complicated claims, our experts step in to provide accurate, effective handling.

Reduce Claims Losses With:

  • Separate paths for low and high-risk filings
  • Patented automated loss verification
  • Dedicated licensed fraud analysts and decision science tools
  • Partnership between Assurant and your risk and fraud teams to combat organized fraud

Assurant’s technology-augmented approach to managing claims decreases claims losses and reduces the amount of money our clients must hold in reserve — all without additional program costs or hidden fees.

CPR: Cell Phone Repair by Assurant

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Connected devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, even gaming console systems continue to play a crucial role in day-to-day life, so when those devices break or malfunction, the stress from delays in vital connections and lost productivity can’t be understated. CPR Cell Phone Repair by Assurant is an industry leader, offering a vast range of fast, affordable repair service options for electronic devices across the connected lifestyle.

  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty
  • Offering same-day repair
  • Expert technicians
  • 1M+ Devices Repaired
  • Sustainably focused on same-unit repair

Dynamic Fulfillment for a Superior Claims Experience

Regardless of the electronics or appliances they’re working with, your customers expect a fast, convenient resolution. To provide this, Assurant offers intelligently selected fulfillment options based on individual needs and circumstances, which includes in-store repair at 1,300+ convenient repair locations around the world including 500 CPR stores in the US & Canada. After all, the resolution path for an electronic device isn’t likely to be the same as the one for a smart appliance. Options include multiple paths for resolution in under four hours. 

How Dynamic Claims Work:

1. Your customer uses one of the following means to initiate a claim:

  • Assurant’s Pocket Geek Mobile app
  • Over the phone
  • IVR
  • Online portal
  • In store
  • With one of your service agents

2. Our proprietary algorithm ranks the best fulfillment option for the customer in real time. The decision is based on combined hard and variable data inputs. Inputs include:

  • Terms of service
  • Device model
  • Cost
  • Location
  • Adjudication.

3. The customer receives customized fulfillment options. Your team sets options to reflect rules and parameters to control the prioritization, weighting and filtering of your fulfillment process.

4. Our AI-driven reporting provides feedback you can use to continuously improve your program. You have end-to-end control over the program, and you can change the program controls as frequently as you need to. Your decision-making is supported by robust machine learning that tracks model performance and provides continuous improvement recommendations.

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Dynamic Fulfillment Options

Based on the business parameters you choose, use our dynamic claims decision engine to present fulfillment options tailored to each customer.

Ways to Fulfill Customer Claims:

  • Walk-in repair at 1,300+ convenient repair locations around the world 
  • Same-day replacement with device setup 
  • On-site repair, supported by more than 1,500 mobile technicians in the U.S. 
  • Support from Assurant technicians in your store locations 
  • An option to expedite claims with express routing 

Your customers choose their preferred fulfillment option. Assurant delivers a customer experience your business can brag about. Assurant’s dynamic claims fulfillment program significantly increases the take rate of walk-in repairs and increases customer satisfaction for both repairs and the overall protection program.

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