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6/28/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Fast and convenient

Your service was exceptionally fast convenient and easy!!! Thank you very much awesome customer service !!!


6/17/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Helpful chat reps

Easy to use, additional assistance through the chat was super helpful. Delivery was smooth.


6/13/2021 | Renters Insurance


Painless application and process


6/10/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Smooth online process

I was able to easily file a claim online. My phone arrived very quickly. Plus, the new phone works great!


6/5/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Amazing customer service

Our customer service agent was AMAZING! EXTREMELY helpful and we give her 100 stars not just 5!


6/1/2021 | Renters Insurance

Renting for only 2 months

I'm only renting for 2 months. I wish you gave options for policies that don't assume a 1 year rental term.


5/30/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Phenomenal experience

The rep was beyond helpful. She was very thorough and polite. She took care of the matter effectively and was so very nice in the process. The device came very quickly and it was in great condition. My whole experience was phenomenal!


5/23/2021 | Renters Insurance

Longtime customer

I and my children have been satisfied assurant customers since 2001. The policy coverage and customer service has always been excellent and accommodative. No complaints.


5/22/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Fast and hassle free

My phone came sooooo fast and the return was hassle free with everything already included in the box. It saves you so much time and headache.


4/16/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Could be better

Your customer service people could be nicer but I received my replacement quickly and it seems to be working fine. The screen is a little unresponsive at times but I think I’ll manage.


5/15/2021 | Renters Insurance

Seamless process

I have told many friends how easy and seamless working with Assurant was. Assurant worked hard to value my items and provide me coverage for my stolen items!


5/9/2021 | Renters Insurance

Agent worked quickly

Thank you for helping with my loss and your agent that assisted worked quickly to help.


5/8/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Fast shipment

Service was great. No issue, easy to file claim. Fast shipment of replacement device.


5/3/2021 | Renters Insurance

Self explanatory

Everything was self explanatory. You all made it very easy for me to start renters insurance plan without the help of an agent.


4/29/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Easy online process

The website was easy to use and I was able to get the same phone I had that was damaged.


4/28/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Next day delivery

User friendly online claim process and next day delivery on replacement equipment reduced down time.


4/20/2021 | Renters Insurance

Helpful representative

The process was so easy and clear. I had 1 question but was able to quickly and easily reach a human (Daniel) to help.


4/19/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Professional and hassle free

The request for a replacement phone was handled in a professional and hassle free manner and arrived within the 48 hour timeframe given. Although the phone arrived without a charger, the manner in which the issue was resolved was totally professional. Once the request for the charger was made to the supervisor, the charger was also received within the timeframe stated and the customer is TOTALLY satisfied.


4/16/2021 | Renters Insurance

Fast and easy

Excellent company, know a few people who are insured with Assurant. Fast easy quote, fast and easy to sign up for insurance.


4/12/2021 | Renters Insurance

Shorter policy

Only wanted a 6 mos. policy.


4/5/2021 | Renters Insurance

First time renter

Easy to use, especially for a first time renter such as myself.


4/1/2021 | Mobile Insurance


I think $250 deductible for a 3 year old phone is high


4/1/2021 | Renters Insurance


It was a relatively easy to set up a claim. The person that called me was very professional and efficient. So glad I have Assurant for renters insurance.


3/31/2021 | Renters Insurance

User friendly

Assurant web page is very user friendly, I was able to purchase my renter insurance in less than 5 minutes. The plan is affordable and I appreciate the payment options. Thanks


3/31/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Efficient customer service

Service was fast, efficient and customer service was easy to deal and very professional.


3/30/2021 | Renters Insurance

Turned out to be simple

I was confused at first but it turned out to be simple and easy


3/24/2021 | Mobile Insurance

How insurance should work

Incredible service !! They sent my phone replacement as soon as I fill out the claim online. I had a new phone just a few hours later. That's a good example of how a good insurance company should work. !! !!


3/18/2021 | Renters Insurance

Easier than moving

Getting rental insurance was the easiest thing about my move. It took me less than 5 minutes to be all ready to go!


3/10/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Fast replacement

So far there have been a few glitches with the new phone, but I am very glad it came so fast!


3/5/2021 | Renters Insurance

Simple to navigate

Easy to understand. Simple to navigate. As a first time purchaser of renter's insurance I feel I understood what I was purchasing and how it was valued.


3/3/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Fastest I've ever had

Very fast shipping. By fast I mean the fastest I've ever had. For this reason and this reason alone I will never cancel insurance on my device as long as it's with you. Honestly thank you.


2/25/2021 | Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Online application and purchase


2/24/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Replacement in good condition

Quick service and good condition of the phone.


2/17/2021 | Renters Insurancee

Decent rates

Intuitive renters insurance with decent rates and quick, friendly help with it! Many options on customizing plan and payment.


2/15/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Went out of his way to help

It seemed as though the representative I spoke with went out of his way to help me out.


2/13/2021 | Renters Insurance

Pleasant and prompt

Experience was pleasant and prompt making a claim over the phone and on the website.


2/10/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Fast receiving device

Extremely fast receiving my replacement device. Customer service was excellent!


2/5/2021 | Renters Insurance

Quick quote

This was the easiest of all renters insurance purchases. I went to other companies to check out their rates and it took forever to get a quote. Less than 5 minutes here and I am all done!


2/2/21 | Mobile Insurance

Cost was too high

I think the amount I had to pay for a replacement was way too high for an old phone after paying years of insurance payments


1/31/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Will recommend

The process of filing my claim and receiving my new device was almost effortless. Assurant made this extremely worry free and I will most assuredly be recommending to all my colleagues.


1/24/2021 | Renters Insurance

Great price

Easy to follow, and they go into details of what's being covered. That's less worry for me and at a great price!!


1/14/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Online form was puzzling

Electronic steps to complete claim proved quite puzzling. Try to make them more user friendly. Make sure, as well, that each of your employees fully understands process. Some passed me around to others rather than helping me. The only effective one coached me while I was using the computer so that I navigated correctly and this person made certain I completed necessary steps. He stayed on phone until I did so. When he worked this way, the time we spent was surprisingly less than other calls.


1/14/2021 | Renters Insurance

Response was quick

Response to initial claim was quick and it was easy to upload photos of damage.


1/8/2021 | Mobile Insurance

I was expecting a new device

I had no idea it was going to cost more money when I needed a new device, I thought the 60 I paid in the beginning was going to be all I needed to pay. The device works fine I was just expecting a new device not certified refurbished.


1/4/2021 | Renters Insurance

Clear instructions

The adjuster was very polite and concerned. Gave clear instructions on how to proceed with my claim.


1/3/2021 | Mobile Insurance

Great representatives

The people who helped me were great!! Explained everything and received replacement phone like 1day so awesome!!


1/1/2021 | Renters Insurance

Streamlined process

The process was easy, quick, and very streamlined. I appreciate that everything was straightforward and customizable to my individual needs as a renter yet I was still given the most common options.


12/31/2020 | Phone Insurance

Representative was there to help

When I called the representative was there to help and had the phone within 2 days delivered to my home.


12/30/2020 | Renters Insurance


The whole process was seamless.


12/27/2020 | Phone Insurance


Reliable. Fast. Can trust assurant.


12/22/2020 | Renters Insurance

Easily manageable

Smooth site. Uncluttered, saw potential prices early in the process, easily manageable in one sitting but also didn't time out on me when I went and did something else for a bit.


12/20/2020 | Phone Insurance

Exactly what I ordered

Service was great I got my cell phone really quick it’s exactly what I ordered did not have to wait long for this


12/18/2020 | Renters Insurance


Super easy to start my policy, and super affordable!


12/17/2020 | Phone Insurance

Sent very quickly

Quick and simple process to file a claim. New device sent very quickly.


12/15/2020 | Renters Insurance

Fast and efficient

Great website! User friendly. Fast and efficient service. Competitive rates. However, there's always room for improvement. Keep up the great work!


12/14/2020 | Renters Insurance

Quick and simple

Words can’t explain how great you all handled my claim. Normally people dread filing a claim by going back in forth with documentation and I’m truly happy that you made this process quick and simple so I can focus on my family and move forward from this incident. Thank you for being there for your customers


12/13/2020 | Phone Insurance

Service was good

Quick response time. Easy to file a claim,customer service was good.


12/9/2020 | Renters Insurance

Friendly, sympathetic

Claims specialist was friendly, sympathetic and knowledgeable.


12/7/2020 | Phone Insurance

Great company

I never give 100% to nothing but you all are a GR8888888888 company


12/3/2020 | Phone Insurance

Device delayed

Although my device delayed in getting to me, I was happy I received it before the estimated day.


12/1/2020 | Renters Insurance

Easy to navigate

Splendid service, easy to navigate, thank you


11/30/2020 | Renters Insurance

Helpful staff

Process was very simple and quick. Staff was helpful.


11/30/2020 | Phone Insurance

Device arrived a lot quicker than expected

The entire process was relatively easy and the device arrived a lot quicker than I expected.


11/29/2020 | Renters Insurance

Easy process

This process was easy, but the whole ordeal has been stressful.


11/28/2020 | Phone Insurance

Representative was very helpful

I choose these ratings per the insurance claim was fast and easy short wait time to get phone. Representative was very helpful and knowledgeable.


11/27/2020 | Phone Insurance

No charger

I wish that you guys would also include the charger on the claim. Thank u


11/25/2020 | Renters Insurance

Easy to file a claim

Pretty easy to file a claim. The site never timed out on me causing me to re-enter information, which was great!


11/25/2020 | Phone Insurance

Overall satisfied

Overall very satisfied with all aspects of the program. Biggest problem was dropped calls.


11/23/2020 | Renters Insurance

Wish I could have gotten enough

It was cool. Wish I could have gotten enough to actually cover all the items at buyback.


11/22/2020 | Phone Insurance

Not sparkling new

It was pretty comparable to the amount of use of my phone before it was dropped. Nice but not sparkling new.


11/21/2020 | Phone Insurance

Waited only 2 days

I only waited 2 days for my replacement phone. It was easy to copy everything over from my old phone. Then, I was up and running like nothing ever happened. The deductible was quite reasonable, too.


11/20/2020 | Renters Insurance

Took me forever

It took me forever to make an itemized Excel spreadsheet of all the items that I was missing I am not going to go one by one and enter each item that is what adjusters are supposed to do


11/18/2020 | Renters Insurance

Sleek and visually pleasing

Everything was incredibly intuitive and object oriented. The design is very sleek and visually pleasing. SHOUTOUT TO YOUR CODER!

11/17/2020 | Renters Insurance

Needed a 6-month plan

Signing up for the services is very simple and easy to use. I needed a 6-month payment plan option that is not presented.

11/14/2020 | Phone Insurance


Prompt response, keep up with the great job!

11/14/2020 | Phone Insurance

Hassle Free

Service was fast, easy & hassle free!

11/12/2020 | Phone Insurance

Thank you very much for all you do.

Since the jprime7 phone was no longer available, my husband got a comparable phone that he likes even more. We have always had protection for our phones since we seem to be prone to accidents. We use our phones for on the job purposes & everyday personal use. Every time we have had a claim & received a new phone of same kind, it's like nothing ever happened to the phone! Thank you very much for all you do.

11/11/2020 | Renters Insurance

Straightforward process

The Easiest Most Straight forward process ever!! THAT WAS SO SO EASY! Thank you so much!

11/9/2020 | Phone Insurance

Timeframe to receive a replacement

The timeframe from filing claim to receiving the replacement was exemplary.

11/9/2020 | Renters Insurance

Easy purchase process

Detailed information about purchasing / coverage options Fast and easy purchase process

11/7/2020 | Phone Insurance

Fast & friendly

They were fast, friendly, and efficient

11/4/2020 | Phone Insurance

Very helpful

it was very helpful, though would have like more communication about my claim instead of me having to call in for more information

11/3/2020 | Renters Insurance


User-friendly website with clear information

10/30/2020 | Renters Insurance

Process was extremely smooth

My apartment place recommended I chose this company and explained how cheap it’ would be. I was scared as a first time renter. As I went through the application online, the process was extremely smooth and fast. Probably my best experience with anything like this.

10/18/2020 | Renters Insurance

Verbiage was clear

Easy to select the coverage I needed, and easy to buy the policy. Verbiage was clear in all aspects.

10/17/2020 | Phone Insurance

Refurbished phones

I believe that insurance is useful, however if you have been paying for insurance for 2,3, or 4 years you should be able to get an upgraded phone. I don't like that they send refurbished phones. I deserve to get a new phone for all of the money that I've been paying.

10/15/2020 | Phone Insurance


Make sure the accessories are included in claims.

10/9/2020 | Renters Insurance

Enjoyed the options

I very much enjoyed the options that were given. Most renters insurance companies have a set deductible and price. Assurant let me pick what policies worked best for me. A+

10/5/2020 | Phone Insurance

Representative was very helpful

Everything was done nicely, representative was very helpful.

10/2/2020 | Renters Insurance

Quote that I received was fair

Website was easy to use! Very user friendly! The quote that I received was fair. Easy purchase!

10/1/2020 | Phone Insurance


Courteous knowledgeable timely help.

9/30/2020 | Renters Insurance

Isn't the best to do on a mobile device

Easy and detailed. System does sometimes lag and isn't the best to do on a mobile device, but impressed with the 3 easy steps and digital process. I have never made a claim before on insurance and it's nice to know how easy it is to do when you need it.

9/22/2020 | Renters Insurance

Affordable pricing

Did not require so much personal information just to provide a quote. Affordable pricing and quick and easy to use website and process to purchase coverage. I have used Assurant before and will use it again anytime I need coverage.

9/21/2020 | Phone Insurance


Fast response time. New phone in 3 days. Amazing!

9/15/2020 | Renters Insurance

Solid to start out

Pretty solid to start out, very easy to set up. I'll see how it goes the next couple months!.

9/12/2020 | Phone Insurance


It was a successful transfer from one phone to the other, so I am grateful. Too many important items to loose on a cracked screen phone swap.

9/4/2020 | Phone Insurance

Had the new phone on Tuesday

I'm happy with the coverages. Even includes earthquake and desert backup protection plus 20k for my belongings for $25 a month. Thanks!

9/1/2020 | Renters Insurance

Happy with the coverages

I'm happy with the coverages. Even includes earthquake and desert backup protection plus 20k for my belongings for $25 a month. Thanks!

8/31/2020 | Renters Insurance

Thank you!

Filing a claim was very easy. Thank you for the customer experience.

8/27/2020 | Renters Insurance

Cannot come back later

Only concern is website to file claim does not let you save information and come back at a later date.

8/12/2020 | Phone Insurance

Replaced my device

They replaced my device even though the lady wasn’t understanding what I was saying at the time. But I still got to replace it

8/6/2020 | Renters Insurance

Happy with the results

The claims process was straightforward, easy to understand, and I am very happy with the results. Thank you so much!

8/2/2020 | Phone Insurance

Customer service was excellent

Customer service was excellent

7/31/2020 | Renters Insurance

Easy to follow

The online claim process, receipt of the new phone, instructions to set-up the new phone and return of the broken phone all went very smoothly. The confirmation that my old phone was received was a nice touch. I like to know the full transaction is complete.

7/22/2020 | Phone Insurance

Easy online process

The online claim process, receipt of the new phone, instructions to set-up the new phone and return of the broken phone all went very smoothly. The confirmation that my old phone was received was a nice touch. I like to know the full transaction is complete.

7/18/2020 | Renters Insurance

Fair and concise

It was a simple process no more no less. Great way to cover yourself and belongings when renting won't hurt the bank with payments or pay at once.

7/14/2020 | Renters Insurance

A little higher than expected

Application process was quick and simple. I feel the rate might be a little higher than I expected but it's for a short term rental so I think due to the time savings it is worth the cost.

7/13/2020 | Renters Insurance

Fair and concise

The process was rather easy and the questions were definitely fair and concise. I like the thoroughness and the ability to submit a sufficient claim with very little effort. As bad as my day started off, the wait for maintenance taking hours, and dealing with a smell that makes me nauseous, this was the light at the end of my tunnel...

7/12/2020 | Phone Insurance

Not recommending to friends

Will not purchase insurance again! Cost me $13/mo plus $100, more than just buying a phone. Cancelling from all the plans, and not only not recommending but deterring friends and colleagues from making the same mistake!

7/8/2020 | Phone Insurance

No hassles

I put in my claim and within a few days I had my new phone. No hassles and it was all done online.

7/7/2020 | Renters Insurance


You didn't ask for the blood of my first child to obtain a Policy!!!! TYSM!

7/3/2020 | Phone Insurance

Easy Process

Easy Process

7/2/2020 | Renters Insurance

Everything was easy

Everything was easy and fast. You guys also have great quotes and lower payments for rentals insurance. Thanks

7/2/2020 | Phone Insurance

Excellent Service

I always receive excellent customer service.

7/1/2020 | Phone Insurance

Took a little long

The claim at first took a little long, but once all the kinks worked out, it moved smoothly and received replacement promptly.

6/30/2020 | Manufactured Home

Fast service

Fast service. Got check fast.

6/29/2020 | Renters Insurance

No hassle

Claim and payment were processed very quickly with no hassle.

6/21/2020 | Phone Insurance

Two claims a year

Because I paid $100.00 and you can only do two claims a year.

6/14/20 | Phone Insurance


The process of filing a claim was unbelievably easy. Replacement came right away. Amazing!

6/7/20 | Phone Insurance

Appreciate the quick turnaround

I really appreciate the quick turn around by simply sending another device. This was probably less stressful than going into a phone store and buying a new one.

5/31/20| Phone Insurance

Exceptional service

Exceptional service

5/21/20| Renters Insurance

Process was smooth and quick

The claims process was smooth and quick in the beginning. We need additional funds, which we are waiting on, so I hope it will be just as smooth and quick.

5/17/20| Phone Insurance

No complaints

My claim was handled very nice. No complaints at all !!!

5/10/20| Phone Insurance

Good service

Good service deserves a thank u and acknowledgement. Job well done Assurant. Thanks.

5/4/20| Manufactured Home

Courteous contacts

Courteous contacts and the ability to make me feel as if I was the only customer. The ability to work out this problem in the mist of the country's economic problems. That is called dedicated workers and I am grateful. Thank you.

5/3/20| Phone Insurance

Excellent in making the process easier

Due to COVID-19 and the craziness of the process of checking in the old device to receive a replacement, I was assisted by a supervisor whose name I cannot recall, but, she was excellent in making the process easier.

5/3/20| Phone Insurance


Fast and easy, also the upgrade was very kind!

4/26/20| Phone Insurance

Want to upgrade

I want to upgrade my phone

4/25/20| Manufactured Home

Went the extra mile

They went the extra mile to make my claim possible

4/21/20| Hazard

Virtual assessment

During quarantine, you were able to do a virtual/live assessment of the damage - it was a great process

4/19/20| Phone Insurance

3 business days and it was all hassle free

I got my replacement phone within 3 business days and it was all hassle free.

4/18/20| Renter Insurance

Customer service was amazing

The customer service was amazing. It didn’t feel like I was talking to a robot or someone with a script. The people who I was in direct contact with were very kind and personable

4/14/20| Renter Insurance

Very kind

Very kind and helpful customer service. Simple was not difficult.

4/12/20| Phone Insurance

Totally worth it

Super easy process even during COVID-19 & totally worth it.

4/12/20| Phone Insurance

Fast, friendly service

Fast, friendly service

4/7/20| Renters Insurance

Haven't had any problems

From the beginning until now I haven't had any problems at all with my claim

4/5/20| Phone Insurance

Process was easy

The process in filing a claim was very easy even in spite of us going through the covid-19 pandemic I was still able to get in contact with people and it got handled very quickly!! The only drawback was that I was told I would get an email where I could track the shipping and I never received one and I even called the next day and was told I would receive an email to track the shipping and still never received that and 2 Days Later I got a knock on the door and it was UPS delivering it so I was still very satisfied with the process but I would have wanted that email to track the shipping as well.

4/3/20| Renters Insurance

Notified quickly

The process was explained very well and if anything else was needed, I was notified quickly

3/29/2020 | Phone Insurance

Not sent the right color

I was not sent the right color phone but with what's going on in the world, it is not that big of a deal!

3/28/2020 | Renters Insurance

First claim

This is my first time ever needing to use insurance so I have nothing to compare the experience to.

3/24/2020 | Renters Insurance

Fast efficient online claim process

Fast efficient online claim process. Reimbursement payment received within two weeks of property loss.

3/23/2020 | Renters Insurance

Swift service

Very swift, prompt service.

3/21/2020 | Renters Insurance

Agent did a wonderful job

My agent did a wonderful job of educating me on how the process worked and helped walk me through step by step how to recover the stolen items.

3/12/2020 | Phone Insurance

Easy and Quick

The process was easy and quick.

3/7/2020 | Phone Insurance

Wrong belt

You sent me the wrong belt for my watch. I believe I was paying for an insurance that was going to give me a brand new watch with everything in it like its charger, and I just figured out it’s not like that. The belt you sent me was totally different than the one I told them. But well.

3/4/2020 | Phone Insurance

Customer service rep

The customer service rep Rita provided exceptional customer service and she was very helpful!

2/26/2020 | Renters Insurance

Ease of the process

The ease of the process and how quickly the situation was resolved. Really the best insurance experience that I ve ever had.

2/26/2020 | Renters Insurance

Best insurance

I was so stressed out by the situation in itself and the fact that they did not pressure me but tried to ease the situation was comforting.

2/25/2020 | Renters Insurance

Fair simple

It was fairly simple but typing in the value of every item for things I’ve had for years is stressful.

1/27/2020 | Phone Insurance

The staff was willing to answer questions

The staff was willing to answer any and all questions even if I was being repetitive. Thank you for being patient with me.

1/27/2020 | Renters Insurance

Clear instructions

Clear instructions and assistance every step of the way.

1/23/2020 | Renters Insurance

Easy to file claim

Easy to file claim. Just uploaded the necessary documents and that was it! My claim was in process.

1/21/2020 | Phone Insurance


You were more than kind

1/20/2020 | Renters Insurance

Adjuster was very professional

My adjuster hasn t got back in contact with me he was very professional but he said he would be getting done and the claim stays open for 30 days its almost 30days Jan 27th. I just need him to call me before Jan 27th so I can finish getting my money for my other items.

1/13/2020 | Renters Insurance


Delighted with the service all together.

1/11/2020 | Renters Insurance

Moved forward very quickly

Once the police report was finalized the claim process moved forward very quickly

1/8/2020 | Renters Insurance

Time to receive claim payment

Time to receive claim payment

1/5/2020 | Phone Insurance

Service rep was tremendous

Your service rep on the phone was tremendous.

1/4/2020 | Phone Insurance

Smooth process

Your service rep on the phone was tremendous.

1/3/2020 | Phone Insurance


its sad we get a refurbished not knowing if there is going to be problems with the received replacement ???

1/3/2020 | Phone Insurance

The customer service was outstanding

The customer service was outstanding. You verified my claim with no wait time and sent my replacement phone along with a postage paid envelope to return the broken one. Best service I've had yet!!!

1/3/2020 | Phone Insurance

Phone Insurance

I received excellent service with my claim and quick shipping of new device. Thank you very much.

12/29/2019 | Phone Insurance

Assurant is fast!

Assurant is fast! I placed a claim right before Christmas, thinking if it takes a little long it's ok. But i got my device on time.

12/22/2019 | Phone Insurance

I am very happy

I am very happy with my replacement and the fact that I was able to receive my new phone at the store and get it easily connected I appreciate its service I would definitely recommend this Protection Program.

12/12/2019 | Phone Insurance

The process was easy

Never had to file a claim before, the process was easy. I received the replacement phone the next day.

12/6/2019 | Phone Insurance

The replacement works perfectly

The replacement works perfectly and is exactly what I was expecting. The PHP program made it possible for me to get this phone without spending an arm and a leg.

12/5/2019 | Renters Insurance


Great customer service & fast payout. Thanks!!

12/2/2019 | Phone Insurance

Wrong color

I asked for black color and they send me white color

12/1/2019 | Phone Insurance

Very helpul

The Assurant team made sure that I got what I needed and were very helpful with anything I had to ask.

11/21/2019 | Phone Insurance


The process is simple, reasonably priced and fast. Your device is replaced with the exact same model. For the accident prone, it’s perfect!

11/16/2019 | Phone Insurance

Way too costly

Think this insurance is way too costly and doesn't cover much. New phone (1 month old) and still costs 100 dollars to replace? 

11/14/2019 | Phone Insurance

Your service exceeded my expectations!

Your service exceeded my expectations! I place my claim on line late one evening; my new phone was at my door step the next afternoon.

11/11/2019 | Renters Insurance

Helpful, pleasant, and understanding

Helpful, pleasant, and understanding during a stressful time... always returned calls immediately

10/21/2019 | Renters Insurance

The people were great and very helpful

The people were great and very helpful throughout the entire process

10/16/2019 | Phone Insurance

I loved their service!

I loved their service! The replacement came out pretty quick!

10/9/2019 | Phone Insurance

I can count on Assurant

Once again I can count on Assurant to get my claim in quickly and get the replacement phone I need ASAP.

10/5/2019 | Phone Insurance

I didn’t receive a replacement charger

I didn’t receive a replacement charger for one of my phones and the SIM card tray is almost impossible to remove, unlike my original phone.

10/1/2019 | Phone Insurance

Very easy process!

The staff was very professional and knowledgeable, and made it a very easy process!

Sep 22, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Great customer service

Great customer service all very friendly ppl all around. Everyone I spoke with made sure I was taken care of.

Sep 28, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Assurant exceeded my expectations

Assurant exceeded my expectations. My claim was approved easily. The turnaround time was excellent and I was provided a replacement of the same model phone.

Sep 17, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Couldn't believe how fast I received payment

Couldn't believe how fast I received payment, and more than I orginally expected too!

Sep 27, 2019 | Phone Insurance

I’m very grateful, thank you!!

It was easy to fill out the forms online & super quick to get my replacement phone! I’m very grateful, thank you!!

Sep 16, 2019 | Renters Insurance

My rep was awesome

My rep was awesome, and I didn’t have to go back and forth at all - it took very little time to settle my claim and get my check

Sep 24, 2019 | Phone Insurance

I got a very good replacement phone that I am very happy with!!

There were some bumps along the way but in the end, all was made right and I got a very good replacement phone that I am very happy with!!

Sep 4, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Couldn't have been easier!

Super helpful to have the ability to file online & everything was handled quickly and professionally. Couldn't have been easier!

Sep 21, 2019 | Phone Insurance

The Assurant team did an outstanding job

I lost my phone just as I was going on vacation, so I was pretty stressed out. But the Assurant team did an outstanding job - thank you!

Sep 2, 2019 | Renters Insurance

They had my back

The Assurant reps were very considerate, quick and made my experience hassle-free…they had my back after the break-in that happened at my house.

Sep 19, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Have it on all 3 of our phones

Without the insurance would have had to pay $500 - $700 for a new phone. The replacement device was a step up from the one that was damaged so very grateful to have the insurance. Have it on all 3 of our phones.

August 27, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Super easy

It was super easy to file my claim online an my device arrived on the next day I love the program

August 25, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Excellent service, thanks Assurant!

That my claims adjuster handled everything and got me back straight away.. Excellent service, thanks Assurant!

August 26, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Everything went great

Everything went great except for shipping, took longer than when it was supposed to be here

August 20, 2019 | Renters Insurance

The process was very easy

The process was very easy, and the fact that we could submit photos online to satisfy the inspection requirement was convenient.

August 22, 2019 | Phone Insurance

I am not happy

The replacement device was having clitches, I had to send it back plus the original phone. I am now without a phone until they receive both of them, so it will be about 3-4 days without a phone. I am not happy about that.

August 13, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Only a couple of days before it was completed and we had our money.

It took us a week to get everything uploaded for our claim but once we did it was only a couple of days before it was completed and we had our money.

August 15, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Everything went great

Everything went great. And the replacement phone works perfectly.

August 13, 2019 | Renters Insurance

The staff was very friendly

It took a while to get my claim, but the staff was very friendly.

August 12, 2019 | Phone Insurance


To lose a phone is a TERRIBLE thing, since everything is in it. Assurant made it very easy to replace it and the deductible was not unaffordable. Thanks for making this nuisance situation easy to remedy.

August 12, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Extremely pleased

Very easy. No hassles. Extremely pleased

July 28, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Fast and easy

The claims process was fast and easy, the replacement phone arrived promptly, and the return process was a snap.

August 10, 2019 | Renters Insurance

It just took way to long

It just took way to long. And I couldn’t get any one to return my call unless they were ready to.

July 28, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Thank you!

The process was easy, efficient and the phone shipped quickly. It made an unfortunate situation so much better! Thank you!

August 2, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Check was in the bank the next day

The adjuster came out, got back with me quickly, check was in the bank the next day.

July 30, 2019 | Phone Insurance


Always impressed with Assurant's customer service on all levels :) Simple process to file and received my phone much quicker than expected....THANK YOU!

July 29, 2019 | Phone Insurance 

I'm very happy.

I just wanna say how satisfied and glad I have this insurance. I literally made my claim for a lost phone and had a new one in 24hrs. I'm very happy. Thank you.

July 27, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Quick turnaround

From the several people I spoke to one the phone to delivery, everything was handled very professionally. Also the quick turnaround was greatly appreciated. I had my replacement with 48 hours.

July 25, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Took forever

Took forever to get my phone.

July 24, 2019 | Renters Insurance


Satisfied to how quickly it was paid .

July 23, 2019 | Hazard Insurance

Very easy claims process.

Very easy claims process. Excellent claims adjuster

July 21, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Pleased with the service

Pleased with the service but having to send check to be co-endorsed was a hassle.

July 20, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Super convenient

It was super convenient to be able to email all the pictures and receipts to the myclaiminfo email.

July 19, 2019 | Renters Insurance


My property damage and living expenses were reimbursed in a timely manner.

July 17, 2019 | Hazard Insurance

Overall, pretty satisfied

Overall, pretty satisfied with the coverage, but just a lot of work to complete the claims.

July 16, 2019 | Phone Insurance 

Great customer service

I choose this ratings because, I every customer rep I spoke with over the phone took time to listen to me and understand my situation.

July 15, 2019 | Phone Insurance

I would highly recommend.

I filed the claim Tuesday and received my new device less than 24 hours later. The people that walked me through the claim process were very friendly. I would highly recommend.

July 14, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Super easy

It was super easy to file my claim. I had no problem navigating the website. It only took minutes to file and no more than 24 hours to process. I received my new device extremely fast.

July 13, 2019 | Renters Insurance

I barely received anything back

I barely received anything back for the multiple things of value that was taken from me. I understand things are depreciated but I felt like they deprecated my items to basically nothing, and a couple things were of very personal value to me.

July 12, 2019 | Phone Insurance

The claim was easy to file

The claim was easy to file, the payment was expected, and the delivery was VERY quick! Thanks for getting me back and running so quickly.

July 11, 2019 | Renters Insurance

I would not have chosen purple.

The service was very easy to use and phone was shipped quickly. However the phone is purple. My old phone was not purple and I would not have chosen purple.

July 9, 2019 | Hazard Insurance

This process is taking much longer than it should.

This process is taking much longer than it should. The property damage took palce on 5/4/19 and an initial claim was sent shortly after. It is now 2 months later and I still have no refund.

July 8, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Pleasant and easy experience

The claims examiner was very helpful, he processed the claim and the following adjustments very fast and kept in touch with us during the process. He made this new experience pleasant and easy for us.

July 7, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Very pleased with the process

I was very pleased with the process! This was my first time ever having my phone stolen and your claim process was very easy. It was approved immediately and my replacement phone was here 2 days later. Very, very pleased.

July 6, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Quick turn around

Quick turn around with very little paperwork! My son did receive a gold phone instead of a graphite phone but he was happy to have a phone again.

July 3, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Thanks to Assurant, it was possible to replace some of the items

Due to the accident many of my possessions were destroyed and some of my valued and irreplaceable items were destroyed. These items cannot be replaced but thanks to assurant it was possible to replace some of the items that were destroyed.

July 2, 2019 | Hazard Insurance

Follow-up was excellent

The ease of transactions with the claims adjusters, and the online access was great. Follow-up was excellent also, letting us know that documents were received and also letting us know when the check was put in the mail.

July 1, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Very satisfied

Very fast response! Very satisfied with the service I received!

June 7, 2019 | Phone Insurance

No headaches here!

I would highly recommend Assurant's Premium Handset Protection because I feel that the level of protection offered is worth it given the investment price of the device in question. Filing the claim and getting the device replaced couldn't have been easier! Assurant has really done a great job at making the filing process easy for its customers to get through the process quickly and efficiently. No headaches here!

June 6, 2019 | Phone Insurance 

The customer service was amazing

The customer service was amazing, and the phone that was sent to replace the one I had was mailed to me very quickly. The process in which I had to go through for the claim was very easy, and did not take long at all. I am very pleased with this company and will definitely recommend to my family and friends.

June 1, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Extremely Quick

The process was extremely quick. After filing my claim, I received payment fairly quickly.  My claims adjuster communication was stellar. He kept me informed about next steps and issued my payment no more than 2 days after submitting my claim. I am very impressed. 

May 24, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Really a huge help

Given the trauma of the event and the stress, dealing with this part of it with extremely smooth and was really a huge help in making the process easier. 

May 7, 2019 | Phone Insurance

I was happy with the whole process

Claims representative was very helpful, efficient, fast, and very courteous. I was happy with the whole process even though when you lose your phone it's never here fast enough. but a big 10 to you guys thank you

May 2, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Great customer service

Great customer service from my adjuster. He listen to understand and help me through this difficult time and I am very appreciative for his awesome service.

April 11, 2019 | Phone Insurance


Fast delivery and easy claim process!!! =)

April 22, 2019 | Manufactured Home

I depended on you, and you did right by me.

As the policy holder, I don t know what to look for regarding damage.  Without a good insurance company and a watchful claims inspector, I wouldn t know that I had damage until the rain started pouring in.  I depended on you, and you did right by me.  Thank you. 

April 11, 2019 | Phone Insurance 

The process was easy

This was my first claim and the process was easy. The site was easy to navigate and the claim process was simple and I was without a phone only a few days.

March 11, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Don't think I have *ever* felt like I had an insurance agent actually on my side

The adjuster was amazing - clear, honest, straightforward, quick to respond. Don't think I have *ever* felt like I had an insurance agent actually on my side  - made a huge impact on my/our ability to navigate the mess we re getting fixed.

February 19, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Fast delivery and good customer service

It was a fast delivery and good customer service, only I think the device was a little pricey, other than that everything is perfect...thank you.

February 26, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Keep up the great work!

My Assurant claim adjuster was extremely knowledgeable on the procedures to making my insurance claim as seemless as possible! No person is prepared for a disaster within their home. Assurant handled my claim with a sense of urgency, which brought peace knowing that our claim was in the right hands! Thank you to whole Assurant team! Keep up the great work!

February 13, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Quick service

Quick service, however phone battery drains quicker than my original phone.

February 12, 2019 | Phone Insurance

My claim was quickly approved

My claim was quickly approved and the return of the damaged phone was easy. But the insurance premium and deductible are high. I basically paid $435 for a reconditioned phone which is available on the market for cheaper price.

February 24, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Keep up the great work!

My Assurant claim adjuster was extremely knowledgeable on the procedures to making my insurance claim as seemless as possible! No person is prepared for a disaster within their home. Assurant handled my claim with a sense of urgency, which brought peace knowing that our claim was in the right hands! Thank you to whole Assurant team! Keep up the great work!

February 12, 2019 | Phone Insurance

My claim was quickly approved

My claim was quickly approved and the return of the damaged phone was easy.  But the insurance premium and deductible are high.  I basically paid $435 for a reconditioned phone which is available on the market for cheaper price.

February 24, 2019 | Renters Insurance


I was asked for receipts and who keeps receipt for a year when they cant be used only 30 days to get a return. RIDICULOUS 

January 14, 2019 | Phone Insurance

Was satisfied with insurance

Was satisfied with insurance. Not satisfied with fedx left phone at a different residence

February 21, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Overall good communication

Overall good communication, slower toward end but was due to excessive claim needs due to disaster in other part of the country.

January 12, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Very efficient and friendly service

Very efficient and friendly service. Device delivered promptly. No hassles with filing the claim. Very knowledgeable customer service representative.