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Topic: Managing NOI

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Drive Occupancy and Reduce Bad Debt With Deposit Alternatives

Your residents don't need to put down a security deposit to keep your property protected. Learn more about how security deposit alternatives can provide key options to residents.

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Debt Recovery: Finding a Partner to Fit Your Needs

Finding a debt recovery solution that protects your property while keeping your reputation intact is critical. Find a resident-friendly program that suits your property today.

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Every Property Needs the Right Renters Insurance Program — We’re Here to Help

Your property's renters insurance program should ensure tailored protection for you and your residents while also alleviating administrative hassle for property staff. Read more about what Assurant can offer you.

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Meet the Downsizer Renter Type

Downsizers, one of the five renter personas we identified in our Assurant research, will need the property manager and leasing staff's help in making the transition from their own, private home to a shared apartment community.

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Drive Profits With This Disciplined Approach to Dealership Training

Apply dealership training for maximum impact at your rooftops, as led by By Dave Worrall, Senior Director of Global Training & Development at the Automotive Training Academy by Assurant.

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Dealership Performance Standards That Drive Growth

Improve your dealership's benchmarks and performance standards to drive growth using insights from Assurant Dealer Services Senior Vice President, Joe Amendola.

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