The vehicle service contract (VSC) has long been the bread and butter of the F&I profit center for dealers. When designed and sold correctly, the VSC doesn’t just add to a dealer’s PVR and bottom line, it allows them to build value in the investment. It also enhances the customer’s ownership experience, increasing the chance of that customer coming back for service and, more importantly, for a new vehicle. 

But despite their importance to dealer revenue, VSCs have failed to keep up with a changing automotive world. Today’s market is dramatically different than in years past. For instance, trucks now outsell cars. People are holding onto their vehicles longer. And sticker prices have risen into uncharted territory.

The customer has changed, too. Today’s car buyer knows more and expects more value from their dealer and protection product. This has created a need for innovation in VSCs that can meet current demand. In response, we’ve introduced Assurant Vehicle Care, an innovative new family of protection products that delivers more flexibility, more coverage, and more value. 


Despite their importance to dealer revenue, VSCs have failed to keep up with a changing automotive world


More mileage options for used cars means more choices

The Assurant Vehicle Care Service Contract allows dealers to offer more flexible mileage options for used cars — up to 200,000 miles. Given recent vehicle cost and inventory issues, this flexibility gives dealers a powerful tool in the fight for greater attachment. But that’s not all. New mileage band options mean dealers can offer more coverage terms, which creates more chances to close the deal, and more protection value for customers. 


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The Assurant Vehicle Care Service Contract

Add more value to the customer experience and maintain profitability in a rapidly changing world. Assurant Vehicle Care Vehicle Service Contract is an enhanced F&I product that does more for your customers, so you can maximize every transaction and every customer encounter.


More coverage options and more flexibility to customize

Identifying customers’ needs, driving habits, and budget and then building value around those needs is key to generating attachment. Assurant Vehicle Care provides a wider range of coverage options to meet those needs. With tier options like basic powertrain, premium and premium plus coverage that includes wear-and-tear items, you can offer more configurations than ever. The Assurant Vehicle Care Service Contract even has a technology-only option for customers primarily concerned with the replacement costs of expensive touchscreen, entertainment, and safety components that are so common in today’s vehicles. 


Assurant Vehicle Care provides a wider range of coverage options to meet customer needs


A simpler contract designed for more efficient ratings, more lender approvals, and a better customer experience

Covering an ever-increasing variety of driving styles simplifies F&I and helps improve product attachment and revenue. For instance, in the past, factors like rideshare use, factory- and dealer-installed lift kits, and snowplows were rarities that often proved too complex for rating. Now, with The Assurant Vehicle Care Service Contract, these coverages are just part of the contract, meaning you can offer more coverage — and benefits — to more customers. And, with a simpler contract, you don’t just get more efficient ratings, you may also get more lender approvals, which improves the customer experience. 

Learn more about the Assurant Vehicle Care Service Contract. It provides flexible protection designed to keep up with changing customer needs. See how it can help you build more value in your F&I — and your dealership revenue.